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The reason this page is password protected is because YouTube blocked the video clip of my niece, Alyssa, in The Walking Dead. Here it is for you all to view over and over again.

Scroll down to see the Videos.

Links to information about Alyssa
Profile on IMDB
Write-up about The Walking Dead

Alyssa Gruhn Alyssa
Promo Poster
Entertainment Weekly
Alyssa Gruhn Credits from
I (Almost) Got Away With It
Alyssa as a zombie
Promotion Poster
Alyssa on the cover
of Entertainment Weekly
I (Almost) Got Away With It
“Got That Tough Girl Look”
Press play. Be sure to watch the entire clip. You will see Alyssa sitting at a desk on the left of the screen and then hear her last line.
The Walking Dead
Press play to watch Alyssa in 3 scenes.